The goal is to apply a broad cooperation model and to enhance the functioning of the processes of promoting and financing education, scientific research, and the academic environment.

This is sought by leveling out advancement, but also by encouraging technological and scientific growth worldwide. In addition, the development of interaction modeling with INDEED allows for use as currency within educational group ecosystems.

As great motivators, they participate actively, also receiving IDE tokens for their services and products. They can give them as social, scientific and engagement benefits of the student and the institution.


They support in the provision of services for the purchase. Students are guaranteed technological support and innovation in education, using only what is made available by Edtechs, which share cutting-edge knowledge.


They encourage the use of the token. The more it is used, the greater the demand and supply; consequently, the more resources are made available to education. And since the initial use of the token, your student can benefit from courses, classroom supplies, and various other resources.


Purchase and distribution of tokens or direct granting of scholarships. Support for the school community and scientific, technological, social, and economic development.


By allocating a portion to IDE, they invest in the safe, collaborative, practical and innovative educational cycle.


They buy or receive tokens for various uses, from school enrollment to classroom supplies. This investment in tokens goes back into scientific research, i.e., it goes back into education!


They can assist students and schools directly by participating in scientific research. Or allocate a space as a service and/or product to them, distributing tokens, among other ways.


They buy tokens and distribute them to schools or directly sponsor scholarships. The money allocated goes back into the education itself, adding value to the country’s education and even into qualifying the young people for the job market and economic dignity.


It benefits from the token handling, being increasingly (and better) inserted into education and the sharing of knowledge. Students with better conditions, with technological aid and support. When education has a better foundation, it enhances the community in an integral way.


They provide the structure for the purchase. Innovation and technology can be shared, and tokens can be distributed by the poles as well.


In partnership with INDEED, they purchase tokens for their protégés that can be converted into courses, events and general participation in the scientific community, with visibility and knowledge focused on young people.


Technological support, teachers and qualified people from the institution that share knowledge. They offer tokens for participation, and also provide services for the tokens, all of which goes back into education in Brazil.